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Biased coins and Monty Hall

Time for a somewhat different post… yesterday I found an interesting interview question while browsing: “Let’s say you were given a biased coin, but you don’t know how it is biased. How can you make a fair decision using the … Continue reading

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My new workout schedule

It is the time of the year when the holidays are over and it’s time for a fresh start. To motivate myself to train further, I will set three goals (often in three sports or disciplines). Aside from the usual … Continue reading

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Wooden materials and usage

Surfing across the web, I often find tutorials on DIY equipment stating that it is made of plywood. Very often, the images shown on these tutorials clearly demonstrate that the author has actually used chipboard or another kind of material. … Continue reading

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Building a composting box

Last year, my wife persuaded me to start composting in the apartment. Composting is very useful and ecological for a variety of reasons. It keeps away your organic trash and puts it to good use, you have no bad scents … Continue reading

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Building my new lightweight bike

OK, so this post should have been there a year or so ago, but since I just started the blog, I’ll write a bit about my latest project – a bicycle. I have been a big bike fan for years, … Continue reading

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Mac OsX for (particle) physicists

Here is a tutorial on how to get everything you need up and running on a Mac if you are a particle physicist. The tutorial presumes you need the standard “tools of the trade” and have a freshly bought Mac. … Continue reading

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How to make a cheap boxing bag

Ingredients and tools: Heavy duty tarpaulin, 1.2 x 1.8m should be enough Scissors, chalk, a sewing machine and some strong thread Old clothes, a bucket of sand (20kg) and some freezer storage bags + a scale (optional) 1m of rope, … Continue reading

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