Building my new lightweight bike

OK, so this post should have been there a year or so ago, but since I just started the blog, I’ll write a bit about my latest project – a bicycle. I have been a big bike fan for years, particularly interested in XC biking. It has been my great wish to build my own bike, so I started collecting parts little by little. The idea was to get the best and lightest part possible, within bounds of reason (you can always get a gram lighter for several hundred dollars more). The parts were collected from different shops, whenever I would find a discount. To keep track of it all, I made a table, an image of which you can see here. As you can see, it has been a year long project, with large financial investments. But, now I have my lightweight monster. The best part was putting it all together 🙂 I will add an image of the completed bike, as well as the total weight in full gear in a few days. As for the cost, you can imagine it is not too cheap. But with all the discounts and patience, not much was spent.
Update: a couple of bike images. The total weight with full gear (pedals, gps etc.) is about 9.2kg. Far away from the extremely low weight hardtails, but not bad… it can even fit in this list: WeightWeenies

Any questions, comments – fire away!

Update: the bike weighs 8.98kg in full gear, without a mounted computer!

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