My new workout schedule

It is the time of the year when the holidays are over and it’s time for a fresh start. To motivate myself to train further, I will set three goals (often in three sports or disciplines). Aside from the usual crossfit routine, this year I will try these:

  1. I like to run and have been to some races (and I believe it keeps one fit), but, I have not been running in a while, so I will start a “couch to race” beginner 5K program. This is not too heavy on the body and comes mostly as a relaxation… there is a number of programmes out there, but what I found best in experience is the running times schedule. It is a 12-week program for people who have done little exercise lately. The first 8 weeks are based on time. The running should be gentle as far as effort goes, meaning it will be fat burning and aerobic conditioning. The idea is to keep the heart rate under 75% of heart rate max. The last 4 weeks are based on distance. At this point, you should be able to run pretty much the entire distance at leisure. If you want to use this schedule, please go ahead! The days of the week listed here are just for guidance – run on the days that best suit your schedule. Goal: a 5K race at the end under 20:00.
    Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
    W1 15min off 15min off 15min 20min off
    W2 15min off 15min off 15min 25min off
    W3 20min off 20min off 20min 30min off
    W4 20min off 20min off 20min 30min off
    W5 25min off 20min off 25min 35min off
    W6 25min off 30min off 25min 40min off
    W7 30min off 25min off 30min 45min off
    W8 30min off 30min off 30min 45min off
    W9 3 off 3 off 3 4 off
    W10 3 off 4 off 3 4 off
    W11 4 off 4 off 4 5 off
    W12 4 off 4 off 1 5K
  2. Earlier, I chose some training programs and tried to stick to them. Now, I a retaking a program called the TSC. It is a 90 day schedule which seems pretty well worked out. The diet proposed is basically a paleo diet, which is OK with me. After being in contact with the author, I learned that he doesn’t really want you to stick to the routine letter by letter, just to do the prescribed muscle groups on a prescribed day. I am not allowed to disclose any of the schedule details, but I will review it in full when it is done (in three months time). Goal: finish and review the program.
  3. Captains of crush grippers – I’d like to close #3 in a year. Arm health is a strong indicator of overall health! To read more about COC grippers, click here. Currently, I can comfortably close #2, but there is still a lot of work to do to go further. After researching the web for a while, I found a schedule which seems just right. I don’t have any grip equipment except grippers, so I’ll focus on that right now, but I might build some equipment later. Goal: multiple closes of CoC #3 in a year (long-term). The workout consists of these steps:Warm-up:
    • 6-8 repetitions on a very easy gripper each hand.
    • 6-8 repetitions with a very easy gripper each hand, but this time do it inverted.
    • CoC #1.5 Closes – 3 each hand, and 3 attempts inverted


    • CoC #2.5 (goal gripper) Attempts – 5 each hand, and 5 inverted too
    • Negatives* with CoC #3 – 3 negatives each hand, holding for 3-5 seconds each time
    • Braced or Choked Attempts* on CoC #2.5 – 3-4 each hand

    Routine Notes and Progression

    Keep to this program 3 times a week for 3 weeks, then add in another workout so you are using the grippers 4 times a week.  The next week, add in another day per week.  This should be 5 weeks in total, from where on you can take the advanced training (in a later post, when I get there). When feeling you can close more, try to increase the level (#2 to #2.5 etc.)


    To perform a negative, take a gripper that is one level above the one you haven’t closed yet, and use both hands and/or your legs to get the gripper closed, or as far closed as possible. Then try to keep it shut with just one hand!  The gripper will of course open up on you but try real hard to hold it for 5-7 seconds.

    *Braced close

    Set the gripper in your hand and use your other hand to press the handle into your palm very firmly and squeeze the gripper shut. The reason why ‘bracing’ the gripper makes it easier to close is because as you squeeze the handles together ‘un-braced’, they try to rotate in your hand.  ‘Bracing’ the gripper keeps those handles from rotating in your hand and you can exert more force that way.

There are more goals I’d like to accomplish, but this will come with time. To monitor the progress, I am making a spreadsheet which will note down all of the exercises and food intakes. I am not sure I can post it here (made in Numbers), but I’ll figure something out.

Always remember: do not push your body too hard! You need time to recover… if you do a lot and are then sore for 3-4 days, lower your training volume and/or intensity. Train smart.

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