How to make parallettes

This is another one of those items which should be really simple to make. There are many ways one can make parallettes – a popular way being using PVC piping. I prefer wood for a variety of reasons, so that was what I used.

Ingredients and tools:

  • Chipboard (particle board), 16 pieces of approx. 10 x 20cm 18mm thickness
  • A broomstick or a wooden stick approx. 30mm in diameter
  • Some glue for wood and some clamps
  • A saw and a sanding device of your choice
  • 8 screws for wood, at least 50mm long
  • some glue and some sandpaper or rubber flooring

Time and cost:

wood – a few pounds, screws and glue – 2 pounds. Time: half an hour without glueing.


  1. This, again,  has to be one of the simplest pieces of equipment you can build yourself. All you need to make is a base on which you will attach a piece of a broomstick and make it stable. I started with 16 pieces of 18mm particle board, cut into approx. 10 x 20 cm pieces. The sizes don’t have to match perfectly at this point since you’ll do some sanding later. Make 4 sets of 4 pieces and glue each set together, one on top of the other. This way you will get your 4 bases. If you want your bases taller than this, scale the whole system up (twice the height = twice the size of each dimension of the pieces – so double the height = 4 times the base area!)
  2. When the glue has dried, sand the sides of your bases to make them smooth. I also sanded down the corners so I wouldn’t have any “sharp” accidents. Now, take your broomstick and cut two pieces of equal length. The stick doesn’t have to be too long (in fact, it shouldn’t be) – 50cm is plenty. Attach the ends of the stick to the bases. You want this connection to be strong, so don’t use glue – it is better to use nails, or, even better, strong screws. You can use a drill and a small wood bit to make holes which will help put the screws in more easily.
  3. To make the parallettes stable, you should put two screws on each end. Finally, if you intend to work with parallettes on a slippery floor, you can glue some sandpaper or some rubber below the base.

You can get a PDF of this manual here:How to make parallettes

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