Lightest hardtail XC bike ever

Imagine you wanted to build the lightest XC bike ever. After browsing around the Internet a bit, I found this and wondered how low could one go in weight? Is it possible to go sub 5.5 kilo? As an additional issue, I would demand that the bike has disc brakes, a front suspension, be in large size, have a 2×10 system with a normal size non-aluminum cassette and have no tubeless. Also, I would want any parts that break easily (like some carbon chainrings). In the end, here is what I gathered (you can consider this a dream list):

Frame: Scott scale (either 600 or older 899) incl. seatpost – 899 grams
Fork: RockShox SID world cup tuned – 908 grams
Crankset+BB: Lightning carbon with extralite chainrings – 482 grams
Cassette: Nino’s titanium 10 speed 11-32 cassette – 172 grams
Chain: Yaban SL210, 96 links – 189 grams
Front derailleur: BTP carbon with carbon screws and clamp – 37.5 grams
Rear derailleur: BTP carbon – 103 grams
Shifters: Nino’s 10 speed grip shifters – 92.4 grams
Cables: Gleitec U3 + Power cordz cables – 50 grams
Wheelset: Extralite Turbotreme – 875 grams
Skewers: Tune skyline time trial skewers – 17 grams
Tyres: Maxxis maxxlite 285 kevlar – 570 grams
Tubes: Eclipse bicycle tubes – 112 grams
Pedals: Poshbike aerolite pedals – 74 grams
Brakes: KCNC X7 including titanium bolts and 140/160 rotors – 501 grams
Rotor bolts: MT Zoom premium rotor bolts – 14.4 grams
Seatpost+saddle: Poshbike specialist – 120 grams
Headset: M2racer lite w/ schmolke cap – 36 grams
Expander plug: Extralite ultrastar 2 – 6.9 grams
Stem: Extralite UL3 – 81 grams
Handlebar: Schmolke carbon MTB – 65 grams
Grips: Procraft superlite grips – 8 grams

Total weight: 5413.2 grams! The price would, though, be very high – I calculated around 9-10 thousand euro. Sorry, I could not find all the links. If you know of any kind of improvement on a component (i.e. a lighter component), please let me know so I can update this list.

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1 Response to Lightest hardtail XC bike ever

  1. This is definitely the thing I’ve been rummaging for! Wonderful and thank you!

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