How to make a wall ball

Plenty of useful crossfit exercises can be done with a wall ball. Instead of buying an expensive factory produced ball, you can make one yourself for a bit more than 5 pounds.

Ingredients and tools:

  • A basketball, not too expensive
  • A knife, a funnel and about 10kg of salt in pellets, a pump (optional)
  • A rubber patch kit
  • A marker (optional if you make sets of balls)

Time and cost:

bsketball – 2.5 pounds, salt – 2 pounds, patch kit – 1 pound. Time: half an hour.


  1. Take a basketball (you can also use other kinds/sizes of balls according to your preference – I also made a wall ball with a handball sized ball) and make an X incision with a knife. Don’t make it too big, just enough to fit a funnel in it. Insert a funnel in the opening.
  2. Start adding salt pellets through the opening. I aimed for a 9kg ball and found that I should fit about that much salt pellets in a basketball. Salt pellets are a bit more expensive than sand but they are better for a variety of reasons – if you puncture the ball, they won’t leak out, they fill the ball more uniformly etc. I found out that using a pump while filling helps. Every now and then I would add some air with the pump (through the usual vent on the ball) and the pellets would sit nicely and fill the ball in a better way. It will take a while to fill the entire ball, so be patient.
  3. Once you are done with the filling, take the funnel out and patch the ball with a rubber patch kit (just follow the instructions on the box). If you plan to make more balls of different sizes and weights, I recommend using a marker to write down the weight of the ball somewhere on it.

You can get a PDF of this manual here: How to make a wall ball

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