Zagrepcanka 512 – tower running

Last month somebody came up with the idea of organizing a tower run in Croatia. This has Zagrepcanka_dannever been done here before, but is very common in some other countries (like the popular Empire State Building run-up). I found out that there is even a tower running federation, with plenty of races around the world – here is the link:

I had a feeling that the race would be a hit in Croatia. Although the organizers limited the number of participants to 250, in a few days there were 405 applications for the race. I joined in. The race was unusual in Croatia for many things: live results, chronometric start etc., which made it quite interesting. No one had an idea of what to expect, and neither did I.

The race was set in an office building in Zagreb (a bit over 100m with an antenna). There were 512 steps to pass to get to the 26th floor. The whole thing was massively covered by the media. Predictions before the race: 5-6 minutes for the winner’s time… Results:

Gabrijela Šalković won the women’s category with 3:52, and Igor Ermakora the men’s category with a result of 2:54. He was the only person to beat the 3 minute mark. I was quite happy with my 29th place (timing 3:40). Well – till next year! Let’s plan to bring the record down 🙂 220165_10151299214564004_1132343768_o

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