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Install Win 7 on Macbook Pro retina from a USB stick

So you’ve gotten the new macbook and want to install Windows on it (only Win7 will work, don’t try Win8). Although you could run a virtual box (like parallels) you might still want to make a dual-boot system for some … Continue reading

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Bike assembly – wheels

Building a wheel from scratch is a science for itself. Further, I will assume that you have some wheels that are already built (or get them) instead of starting from hub/rims/spokes/nipples. This will describe shortly how to place a cassette … Continue reading

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Season opening – New Year’s race

This year (actually, last year) I found out about a unique race in the world that has been going on for 35 years. The race is a mere 10 miles away from me, but I never heard of it. The … Continue reading

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