Season opening – New Year’s race

This year (actually, last year) I found out about a unique race in the world that has been going on for 35 years. The race is a mere 10 miles away from me, but I never heard of it.

The traditional 35. New Year’s race Varaždin 2013. had over 200 participants from 4 countries. The race traditionally starts exactly on midnight on New Year’s day – so, when the crowd counts down to zero, all the runners blast off! This makes the race unique in the world (at least by their claim and my google findings). The course is laid throughout the town, with women competing on one lap (3.2K) and men on 2 laps (6.4K). There is no entry fee and everything is well sponsored. The money prizes are also relatively good, which is confirmed by the foreign professional athletes competing every year. The race record is sub-19 minutes (making it sub-15 on the 5K mark), so the competition is quite stiff. This year, the temperature at the start was just above zero.

Well, this was the first year that I tried and I plan to do it again. I finished with a time of about 27 minutes, which was OK for my expectations. It was fun to start the new season exactly at the start of a New Year!


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