162 stairs – a different kind of race

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since my last post, but what can I say – winter and work got the better of me, so it’s been difficult to catch some time to write.

I’d like to share some info regarding a race I’ve been to last month.

The road race “162 stube” (162 stairs) is already a traditional race organized by the Medical faculty in Zagreb. It is held every year to promote health and sport as a way of preventing cardiovascular diseases. The trail is 4200m in length, connecting two medical facilities and being run through the city streets. It is special because near the end one has to climb 162 stairs, after which the race got it’s name. It is always held around Valentine’s to promote love – towards your own health!

I never tried the race before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I even got a non-running friend to join me for the fun of it. In the end, he came only 10 seconds behind me (both at 18min 30sec), and he is not even into running! The race was fun, but the end part was unexpectedly difficult. Still, we made it and hope to go again next year. After all, we have to remember to give a gift to our health every year, and running is one of the cheapest gifts you can get!


PS. The number 1 you see on the image is our city major, a well-known long distance politician runner.

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