An American in Croatia

My wife is from Puerto Rico and we are at this time living in Croatia. Being in a mixed-nation marriage, one starts to notice various faults and perks of different cultures. Well, sometimes, the best way to get to know your county is trough the eyes of the foreigner. You know that story when you go to a touristic visit, you try to visit as much of the museums and other famous sights in a very short period of time. Usually, you don’t do the same thing in your own town.

Beside of all the sightseeing, I was always more into meeting people and seeing how do people from different culture live they everyday life. So I was very pleased when I got the info about this blog – an American in Croatia. In a very humoristic way, this  guy describes his everyday life in Zagreb. And as I could read, the habits of an average Croat are very exotic to a foreigner. 🙂 But he writes about it so nicely that you just have to love your everyday simple life habits. I felt it would be nice to share this blog along, in Croatia it has already gone viral. Enjoy!

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